Re: FW: Forced reentry of Cosmos 2495

From: Thomas Ashcraft via Seesat-l <>
Date: Mon, 08 Sep 2014 18:23:10 -0600
Bjrn and all,

Thanks for that post.

I am sure that I captured that event on my all-sky camera and radio 
array. I noted a very unusual long-path event that did not appear to be 
a meteor nor an airplane so I put it in my inconclusive file.  Ha!  A 
UFO no longer. :-)

I will post my video later tonight.

Thomas Ashcraft
Radio Fireball Observatory
near Lamy, New Mexico


*On 9/8/14 2:54 48000, Bjrn Gimle via Seesat-l wrote:
> Rob Matson sent me the following info, of which I was not aware otherwise:
> ...I do occasionally check the archives to see if interesting events that
> IEUR^(TM)m aware of have been brought up there. I was VERY surprised to see that
> no one has mentioned the spectacular administrative decay of Cosmos 2495
> three nights ago over Colorado and Wyoming!
> It was witnessed by hundreds of people and the debris cloud is very
> impressive on Doppler radar (a snapshot of which IEUR^(TM)ve attached). That
> drifting debris cloud is visible for over half an hour in radar images from
> Denver and Cheyenne. A little surprising to me that the Russians would
> command destructive reentry to occur over land rather than ocean EUR"
> especially over CONUS EUR" when some pieces of the 6.7-ton satellite will
> likely survive to the ground.
> ...
> The reentry occurred at around 10:30 *pm* local time Sep.2, so not a daytime
> reentry.  Feel free to post my comments to SeeSat with my name.
> I'll be a little surprised if there wasn't at least one list member who
> witnessed it.
> [Image is about 500kB]

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