RE: [Feedback] Screen Capture of radar image of UARS re entry

Date: Sun Sep 25 2011 - 05:22:48 UTC

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    Two more reasons why this has nothing to do with UARS:
    1) The streak is clearly pointed directly at the radar site and has a width which is proportional to distance from the site. In other words, it fills a small band of azimuth from the radar site. Exceedingly unlikely for a re-entering satellite!
    2) Streaks exactly like this are very common on weather radars. I do not know for sure where they come from, but these radars have different sensitivity settings both for the precipitation they detect and the display of the resulting data. If the radar setting or the filtering of the data or the display of the data are changed for a second or two to a more sensitive setting as the radar sweeps around then you would get a streak of azimuth exactly like this (this is simply a speculative model to suggest a trivial explanation). As I say, these streaks are common. It only took me a few moments of searching to find a similar streak on tonight's weather radar off the coast of Florida. Here is a copy:
    Incidentally, these streaks in radar have been frequent fodder for conspiracy theories proposing, among other things, that they are weather-modification beams, particle weapons targeted at incoming alien spacecraft, or (turning the last one on its head) plasma trails from incoming alien spacecraft. I have no proof that these theories are false, of course. :)
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