two blinkers to identify

From: tom (
Date: Mon Oct 31 2011 - 00:52:19 UTC

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    this evening I was doing routine drift alignment on my mount in southeastern Mass., and between adjustments I watched the skies. I saw a mag 2 or 3 blinker at approx. 2351Z  at approx 20Hrs. 40 Min RA and +30 deg. 49 min DEC. Saw about 6 blinks about 8-9 secs apart and the last couple dimmed before I lost it. 
    The second one was at approx. 0002Z at 21H  42Min and 63 deg. 44 min.. I only saw 3 or so blinks of mag 2 or 3 before it disappeared.
    Wonder if this is enough info. for an ID...
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