Re: ROSAT: Last ELSETs "Top Secret" ?

From: Marco Langbroek (
Date: Sun Oct 23 2011 - 11:28:41 UTC

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    Op 23-10-2011 12:02, Harro Zimmer schreef:
    > Report time October 23, 09:45 UT
    > 1990-049A (#20638) ROSAT
    > At this moment we have seen the last
    > released ELSET with the epoch October 21,
    > 20:35:40 UTC and then silence.
    > Why? Was it a special case of information
    > policy by USSTRATCOM? And again why?
    > We forecasters were cut off from final
    > decay predictions. I hope we will see
    > some times later one or two ELSETs to verify
    > their "final" final conclusion or give
    > a more precise time and coords.
    Maybe they just don't like all these independant reentry estimates.
    In the case of UARS, they received quite some public FLAK for failing to provide 
    a final reentry position quickly. They might perceive these independant reentry 
    estimates as people "breathing down their neck".
    SSC providing us with orbital elements is a courtesy. They have no public duty 
    to do so.
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