Re: Galileo IOV-1/Fregat-MT Over Europe

From: Kevin Fetter (
Date: Fri Oct 21 2011 - 12:53:19 UTC

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    --- On Fri, 10/21/11, Leo Enright <> wrote:
    > Is this geometry unique for the Galileo IOV/Fregat-MT
    > missions,  so  
    > that it will only happen once more? 
    I expect it will occur, for future galileo sat launches.
    > Or does anyone
    > want to guess if  
    > this will be a regular feature of Soyuz launches out of the
    > CSG?    
    Depends on what's being launched, for geo sat's, a different launch azimuth then this one.
    > And where does the
    > second stage land?  Mid- 
    > Atlantic I assume,  but just checking.
    I am not sure, the launch kit doesn`t show the ground track very well. 
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