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From: Paul Salanitri (
Date: Fri Oct 21 2011 - 10:21:38 UTC

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    Noticing that the decay path seems to now be switching quite significantly
    between "steep" and "shallow":
    PURE speculation: if the spin of ROSAT is VERY slow (approaching 1 rev per
    I would imagine that it would would "present" a noticeably different Cd for
    with a period of days.
    Too far fetched?
    Paul Salanitri
    On Fri, Oct 21, 2011 at 10:34 AM, Paul Salanitri
    > Hi All,
    > Did something just happen with ROSAT or was the last TLE slightly faulty?
    > TLE Date = 11293.50992300
    > It seems there was a rapid loss in perigee (not apogee) over and above its
    > tracking decay.
    > Could that be from Solar Flux, or has it now oriented itself to increase
    > it's Cd??
    > [Okay -just then; got a newer TLE, it's come back a bit, but definitely a
    > change].
    > It seems the quite predictable satellite to date now wants to have some
    > fun.
    > Significant when viewed like this, attached image - if it will let me, no
    > it won't : here's the link
    > Paul Salanitri
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