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Date: Fri Oct 21 2011 - 08:09:56 UTC

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    I do like Scott - for binocular and one-power search. For telescope, I
    have once or twice computed a point along the track, where the
    displacement with time matches one of the fine pointing speeds of the
    scope controller, sufficiently close during about 20 min for a 1000 km
    high satellite.
    Theoretically, SatTrack/LXSAT allows that via a parameter that can be
    varied during observation +-999 s.
    But I have recorded the positions displayed, and found the track
    follows the same RA/Dec path despite Earth's rotation !
    Likewise for Meade Autostar built-in software, which allows you to
    pre-select the minimum altitude, then sit and wait at this starting
    point until the satellite appears, and start tracking then.
    Furthermore I have noticed cross-track computation errors of a few
    degrees !
    NB This is with software updated 2-3 years ago.
    2011/10/21 Scott Tilley <>:
    > ...
    > I presently do this by creating a series of orbital elements with mean
    > anomaly values of various 'steps', like say 5, 10, 25 degrees...  Easy
    > enough to do with a C script I wrote, but it would be nice if software
    > such as Heavensat could simply display this from one elset as a
    > parameter an observer could set...
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