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From: Derek C Breit (
Date: Fri Oct 21 2011 - 03:55:14 UTC

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    Once I post my video, the starting point is the only actual star in the FOV
    at the middle right (ignore the two hot pixels..) is the first star back
    from Polaris in the Little Dipper... Mag 4.3 TYC 4655-1053.. and the time
    from each frame is clear for the center of the frame.. If split into fields,
    each time stamp is for the end of the field..
    While not as exciting as the last one, it does show one thing plainly..
    I also made a big mistake in such tough conditions. I didn't use my 29"
    monitor and the 13" I did use was too far away, so I could only see that the
    satellite was on the screen. It was not dark at all at 7PM..I did try to
    stop moving every so often to try and make it look better and show some
    stars so it could be measured..
    But it's not my best effort, but it's not bad either.. and only 17+ MB..
    Bottom of right column..
    I did do one thing this time. I looked up and watched it 5 times.. I have
    ALWAYS wanted to see a screaming satellite. After being advised that these
    passes were not as good as the night before, I was looking first and
    videotaping second.. I would guess I could find 15 stars in the whole sky,
    but ROSAT was as bright as Vega, decidedly orange...
    And blazing fast..
    Morgan Hill
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