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From: Derek C Breit (
Date: Fri Oct 21 2011 - 03:02:07 UTC

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    The time I mentioned was for a star next to Polaris, so off the top of my
    head… no idea.. :-)
    >From zero to 42 deg azimuth in 15 seconds.. Sounds darn good to me.. I had
    downloaded the full catalog from inside Heavensat about 9 hours ago.. 
    Once I post my video, the starting point is the only actual star in the FOV
    at the middle right (ignore the two hot pixels..) is the first star back
    from Polaris in the Little Dipper... Mag 4.3 TYC 4655-1053.. and the time
    from each frame is clear for the center of the frame.. If split into fields,
    each time stamp is for the end of the field..
    The previously mentioned time is an eyeball / freeze frame from the
    camcorder estimating the line from this star to Polaris.. Heavensat said it
    should have been farther from Polaris.. i.e. opposite side of the star..
    FOV is something like 7x5 deg..
    PS.. now to convert the video to bite size and post it.. Maybe 30 minutes..
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    Hi Derek,
    [stvgcc3]$ ./satproc ROSAT-pgspred21-1 lalo 37.83 -122.26 21/10/2011/00:00
          Date             Time UTC    Dist Azim    Alt       Sunalt  ?    Sat
    FIRST Fri 21 Oct 2011  1h:57m:24s  1635 315.08  0.01 Lit    -7.3 192.1 ROSAT
    HIGH  Fri 21 Oct 2011  2h:01m:04s   247  41.88 54.40 Lit    -8.0 188.0 ROSAT
    LAST  Fri 21 Oct 2011  2h:02m:58s   878 121.61  9.38 Dim    -8.4 190.7 ROSAT
    According to these stats (from current TLEs) it should have been at peak
    altitude 54deg at 7:01:04 your time?  Does this match?
    Paul Salanitri
    On Fri, Oct 21, 2011 at 12:22 PM, Derek C Breit
    <> wrote:
    First off, Simone's flare prediction did not happen for me from az 359 to
    losing it in the trees at about az 135.. vaguely..
    The reason I am sending this "advance warning" is, though I haven't double
    checked, ROSAT seemed quite early..
    OK.. let's take a quick look.. Heavensat says it'll be there at 7:01:23 PM
    Local (PDT).. It was "there" at 7:00:51 and well off track.. Assuming I was
    on the right star and I used a team effort to say.. "Yep.. Right there.."
    Should I try and derive a position???
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