R: ROSAT - Big Flare.. Orientation

From: satrack@libero.it
Date: Thu Oct 20 2011 - 07:35:49 UTC

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    I've just included the surface model in the online program so it is possible to
    track the flare (blue track) generated by this orientation.
    the link is always:
    click on the "Predict Flares” button to see predictions for your locations (of 
    course ignore flares later than October 23)
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    >Ogg: R: ROSAT - Big Flare.. Orientation
    >Assuming you were at the flare centre, the reflecting surface (probably the 
    >solar panels) was oriented as follow:
    >starting with the surface normal pointing toward the velocity versor, it is 
    >titled down toward the Earth of
    >37.4 degrees and then rotated (angle) along the vertical of 209 degrees 
    >the sunny side. (With the same frame system the
    >right antenna of an iridium would have tilt of 40 degrees and angle of 120 
    >It would be interesting to compare the orientation with other observed 
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    >>Ogg: ROSAT - Big Flare.. OT for other lists
    >>Has anyone seen ROSAT flare???
    >>I captured a pass (my first.. more each day..) where it flared brilliantly..
    >>I was watching the small TV screen while I followed it across the sky a 
    >dot grew tremendously… Like an eighth inch dot became a half inch dot and 
    >to normal..
    >>As soon as I gather everything up (it not in the yard but in the driveway) 
    >ll capture the video and post it..
    >>It was AWESOME on the screen..
    >>PS.. I have a pass each evening until decay on the 23rd..
    >>PSS.. A Quick idea of the Geometry.. I Live in CA at 38 North.. Sun Sets to 
    >the West. Pass was thru the handle of the dipper thru the little dipper and 
    >beyond.. Flare was (very roughly) near the Pole / Polaris..
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