ROSAT Flare Seen

From: Kent Yeglin (
Date: Thu Oct 20 2011 - 04:12:21 UTC

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    I must have seen the same flare Derek captured on the 0226Z Rosat pass over 
    Northern California. Rosat was 3.2 seconds early re: the 11292.83406727 
    elset. Magnitude around 0 with a short-duration flare to perhaps -6 to -8, 
    comparable to brightest Iridiums. Flare peak was very short duration -- 
    under a second -- more of a flash.
    Faedout into shadow seemed to encompass a longer distance of the arc that is 
    typical. Perhaps being closer to the atmosphere, the twilight effect is 
    more pronounced.
    Nice show -- Rosat's last best pass here.
    Kent Yeglin
    Site 8737: 37.83000 N, 122.26194 W, 40 m
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