ROSAT seen from Halifax

From: Michael Boschat (
Date: Tue Oct 18 2011 - 22:36:33 UTC

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    Wow... it was moving fast and I did not get a photo of it! It was on
    time 1921 UT overhead pass for me, and about 1st mag. No tumbling seen.
    There were clouds about so it was in and out of them. it *may* have moved
    22 degrees in 2 seconds or so. It went overhead from Cygnus near Deneb to
    my tree horizon in about 10 seconds!
    Observer: Michael Boschat
    Location: Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
    Time: 19:18 UT to 19:22 UT
    Lat: N 44d 39'
    Long: W 63d 36'
    Hgt: 58 meters above sea level
    Clear skies
    Michael Boschat
    Halifax Center- Royal Astronomical Society of Canada
    web page:
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