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From: Ed Cannon (edcannonsat@yahoo.com)
Date: Sun Oct 16 2011 - 02:09:52 UTC

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    My elderly mother was in a car accident in late July
    and was in the hospital for 70 days.  She's been
    home less than two weeks.  (We are very happy that
    she is improving from day to day.)  Just a few 
    minutes ago she and my sister and I watched the ISS 
    go over here from west to northwest to NNE.  So this
    was a meaningful, happy milestone for us.  There has 
    not been much satellite observing here recently.
    At the same time that ISS was approaching from the 
    west, I saw an unid flashing object crossing 
    Capricorn from west to east.  Apparently it was an
    Atlas Centaur (04882, 71-06B).  Its flash period 
    was about 5 to 6 seconds, with +2 maxima.
    Earlier (about 0:53 UTC) I saw a -2 to -3 flare from
    an object southbound in the Vulpecula-Sagitta-Aquila
    region, northwest of Altair and Tarazed.  Using the 
    +5.5 predictions that Mike McCants has online for 
    Austin, I think it may have been Skymed 4 (37216, 
    I tried unsuccessfully to spot 32379 (07-60B, USA
    198 Rk), whose Quicksat predictions had 500 seconds
    uncertainty on 49-day-old elements.  It may not have
    been bright enough for no-magnification observing 
    from this location.
    It's a very pretty evening here -- mild temperature, 
    calm, only a few mosquitoes per cubic meter, and
    limiting magnitude about 4.0.  The family housecats 
    love it.
    Ed Cannon - currently in San Antonio, Texas
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