RE: Seeking information from Spaceflight, Vol 1, No. 6, Jan 1958

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Date: Fri Oct 14 2011 - 03:15:10 UTC

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    Jonathan McDowell wrote:
    > Ted. I put a scan at
    > Gottlieb took the photo at "19.37.5 hours Eastern Australian Time"
    > on 1957 Oct 8 with the Uppsala Schmidt. Exposure time is not
    > given.
    Thank you Jonathan, and also Ed Zigoy (who provided same, off-list).
    The Uppsala Schmidt camera has quite a history:
    SAO Special Report 10 (March 1958), reported an observation from Mt. Stromlo on 1957 Oct 08 at 09:37:31 UTC, at RA
    13:36:54, DEC -64:53. Epoch not reported. That position is close in time and track to several of my best preliminary
    solutions for the orbit of the rocket.
    The satellite's angular velocity at the reported time was about 0.19 deg/s. According to one account, the squiggle at
    the start of the trail was due to Gottlieb having been, "so excited before he opened the plate that he pulled the
    shutter too hard", causing the telescope to shake. I can match the orientation of the trail on the image and the
    direction of travel, assuming an equatorial mount (virtually a certainty) and an inverted image.
    For some reason, I still cannot recognize any of the stars in the photo. Perhaps the FOV is smaller and the stars
    fainter than I have guessed. Perhaps a better quality reproduction would help.
    Ted Molczan
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