Re: Seeking information from Spaceflight, Vol 1, No. 6, Jan 1958

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Date: Thu Oct 13 2011 - 21:55:05 UTC

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    Hi Ted
    Although I have some early issues of Spaceflight- including Vol 1 No 1- I 
    dont appear to have the issue you want - sorry.
    However in your search for photographs of Sputnik 1 rocket do you have the 
    one taken by Dr.W.S.Finsen of the then Union Observatory on the evening of 
    1st November 1957 ? It appears on page 75 of the book "Living amongst the 
    Stars at the Johannesburg Observatory" by Dirk Vermeulen in March 2006 in 
    Fig 94. Its of reasonable quality but has no timing information. However I 
    have a large number of newspaper press cuttings from that period that might 
    give extra information. In addition it should be possible to contact the 
    author of the book through the publisher Chris van Rensburg Publications 
    (pty) Ltd at In addition I may still have the email 
    address of the author as I provided some photographs/information used as I 
    spent the first five years of my professional astronomical career at this 
    observatory-by which time its name had changed to REPUBLIC OBSERVATORY.
    I can easily scan the photograph and can hunt further if you are not aware 
    of this.
    Dr Finsen ( now deceased) was very much engaged in the early days of Sputnik 
    1 and successors and provided predictions for South Africa in the press and 
    radio - this is how I was able to observe the Sputnik 1 rocket - 
    unfortunately I did not photograph it :-((
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