What did I see?

From: Jonathan W (tlj1899@gmail.com)
Date: Thu Oct 06 2011 - 17:26:29 UTC

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    Hello all,
    On the evening of 4 October, I observed Cosmos 1607 (15378) through 7x35
    binoculars at approximately 2045 EDT (0045 GMT, 5 October).  At the same
    time, I saw a mystery object of about the same magnitude (predicted
    magnitude for Cosmos 1607 was +4.5) in the same field of view, either
    leading or trailing Cosmos 1607 by around 5 degrees.  I have been unable to
    determine what this object was; no other satellite was predicted to have
    been at that location in the sky.  It appeared to be travelling on the same
    exact orbit as Cosmos 1607; they did not merely intersect within the same
    field of view.  Considering that Cosmos 1607 has been in orbit since 1984, I
    have discounted the possibility that it had released a payload.  My location
    Latitude: 39.706
    Longitude: -75.683
    Can anyone help me in identifying this object?  Thanks.
    Very Respectfully,
    Jonathan Wojack
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