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From: skywise (
Date: Mon Oct 24 2005 - 15:37:55 EDT

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    Björn Gimle wrote:
    > An advice, friendly meant:
    > Please use longer, more accurate subject lines!
    > My ISP offers no spam filter, and to avoid downloading 50-75 (some >100kB)
    > mails daily over dialup to have them filtered locally, I always look at
    > senders and titles on the webmail interface, and discard those that may be
    > spam or virus. It is well known that those senders rarely use their own
    > names, and all too often steal names from other peoples address books.
    > So, I have several times accidentally put interesting mails in the waste
    > basket, but (mostly?) rescued them.
    > /Björn
    I have suggested in the past that the list add an identifier to the
    subject line, so the current subject line would look like:
    [SeeSat] Re: remarkable - SPAM?
    Then a very simple filter can be used to mark such messages as friendly.
    Other lists I'm subscribed to do this and some news groups do as well
    so that users can filter out the junk.
    This way even the simplest filter should be able to recognize SeeSat
    messages. Some filters only work on subject and from fields.
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