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From: Renato Serodio (
Date: Thu Oct 20 2005 - 12:00:06 EDT

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    Hello all,
    this is slightly off the main interest of the mailing list, but I reckon
    you're probably the best sources of information.
    I'd like to calculate some visibility statistics for the GPS
    constellation. This means, I'd take my ephemerides files, or something
    of the kind, for the constellation, and then test if there is a line of
    sight between any satellite and a ground station. Eventually, I'd have
    to make provision for limiting the elevation angle, and for using the
    elipsoid (or geoid) rather than a sphere. Finally, I'd want to check if
    a given location is seen by a satellite that also sees the ground station.
    All this is rather complicated programming, which very likely someone
    has been kind enough to put on the public domain. Naturally, I'd have to
    do some adaptation, but it is still better than buying something like
    STK (which, by the way, I can't afford).
    I'd be very grateful to get some pointers on where to look, like code
    libraries, books with the algorithms and so on.
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