Image of Double Geosat Flare Last Night

From: Jeff Umbarger (
Date: Sun Oct 16 2005 - 19:45:09 EDT

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    Hey All,
         Where can I send a jpeg image of the double
    geosat flare I saw around 2:30 UT Oct 15 and again on
    Oct 16 so that others can see it? Sorry, I don't have
    my own website! The image was taken at 2:27:56 UT Oct
    16. You can see Theta and Eta Ceti blurring from the
    Earth's rotation and the two geosats as sharp points,
    stationary like my roof in the scene. The original
    image is 2.7 MB and the scaled down one is 240 KB.
    Please let me know which image you want sent. Thanks
    in advance.
              Jeff Umbarger
              Plano, TX USA
              Lat: 33.06961N
              Lon: 96.76802W
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