Shenzhou and R/B over Chicago

Date: Sun Oct 16 2005 - 07:36:10 EDT

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    Great high passes over Chicago this morning. The  rocket stage, startlingly 
    bright and approaching Mars in brilliance with a  complex light curve, passed 
    through Auriga on-time at 06:01:35. Shenzhou 6  itself sped through Auriga 
    around 06:14:15. Shenzhou 6 peaked in brightness at  magnitude 1.5 --nearly 
    identical in brightness to Castor which it passed at a  distance of about five 
    arcminutes, a little closer than I had expected.  
    Nice clear skies here in Chicago for the past few mornings. It's been a  real 
    pleasure to see this history-making space flight...
    42.0N  87.7W, or 41.4N 72.1W.  
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