Re: Spectacular UNID

From: Tony Beresford (
Date: Sun Oct 16 2005 - 07:30:57 EDT

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    At 04:57 PM 16/10/05, you wrote:
    >Leo Barhorst wrote:
    >>Hello Rainer,
    >>I have two candidates using Skymap and TLE's from Oct 4.
    >>Best fit is 99-57 KP a fragment of a chinese rocket.
    >>Can you give a magnitude estimate?
    >Thanks for your investigation.
    >The object peaked at at least 1 mag, so it must a bigger item, most likely a spent  upperstage.
    >>Also 03-49 A was on the same track, but passed Eps Aur a bit earlier at 19:42:1
    My own investigations using latest classfd.tle and later TLEs than Leo
    dont mention either of the obkects he mentions.
    Only suspect found within a minute of time and a degree and Mike McCants's FINDSAT
    was debris  piece 1974 89CH at a range of 3100Km.
    However it was 15 seconds early and 0.8 degrees off your fix
    Tony Beresford
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