Re: Spectacular UNID

From: Leo Barhorst (
Date: Sat Oct 15 2005 - 07:20:13 EDT

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    Hello Rainer,
    I have two candidates using Skymap and TLE's from Oct 4.
    Best fit is 99-57 KP a fragment of a chinese rocket.
    Can you give a magnitude estimate?
    Also 03-49 A was on the same track, but passed Eps Aur a bit earlier at 
    I don't have any obs from both objects.
    Greetings and clear, dark skies
    Leo Barhorst, Medemblik NL
    Cospar 4252 52.76350 N 5.09114 E 2 m ASL
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    Subject: Spectacular UNID
    > Dear all,
    > Yesterday evening, I observed a spectacular UNID (UNID in terms of not 
    > being predicted by heavens above) and I would really like to know what I 
    > saw. My location was the Starkenburg Sternwarte near Heppenheim ( 
    > 49.6410N, 8.6370E), the time 19:42:38 UTC. At that time, the object was 
    > only a few  arcmin from epsilon Aurigae (RA 05:01:58.14, dec 
    > +4349'23.8"), coming from a passage close to the plejades. The object was 
    > obviously tumbling with a maximum brightness of least 1 mag and a period 
    > of a few seconds. The angular velocity suggested that it was quite high.
    > Any hint would be highly appreciated!
    > Rainer
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