Shenzhou over Chicago

Date: Thu Oct 13 2005 - 06:35:29 EDT

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    Saw Shenzhou 6 (or rocket?) pass over Chicago  about 15 minutes ago using 
    7x35 binoculars. It passed through the "sickle" of  Leo close to 05:16:00 Chicago 
    time (+/-15 seconds) about a degree south of Gamma  Leonis. Skies are hazy 
    here with 95% humidity but I would estimate magnitude at  2.5, fading quickly. 
    Was this the spacecraft or the booster??
    This is the  third Shenzhou flight I've observed. 
    -F. E. Reed
    42.0N 87.7W, or  41.4N 72.1W.  
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