daylight visual satellite 10th Oct 2005

From: steve (
Date: Mon Oct 10 2005 - 08:47:45 EDT

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    could someone tell me what star or satellite I can see during the day over
    Somerset West, Cape Province, South Africa.
    My pos. on my gps tells me I'm at 34 04.367 S
                                     018 51.638 E at an elevation of 73m above
    sea level.
     Because of the earths rotation it appears to move from south east to north
    west. It appears as a reasonably bright star during the day,(although quite
    difficult to find first off). Its altitude at 1pm (1300) south african time,
    was 70 degrees above the horizon with an azimuth of 110 degrees (if that is
    the correct way of saying 20 degrees south of east) . Its altitude at 2pm
    (1400) south african time was about 85 degrees above the horizon and its
    azimuth 80 degrees. I first noticed it about a week ago.
    Many thanx,
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