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    Telescope used was a 14 inch, observing a very, very small part of the sky
    (13 arc seconds across) and on a series of exposures lasting an hour.
    The date of observation was 25th December 2003 and I am not sure whether the
    UT stamped on the fits file header is at the beginning or end of the 10
    minute image cycle.  I suspect the time is stamped when the image downloads
    from the camera.  What I can say is the computer time was accurate to within
    15 seconds.
    I believe the field size is about 19 x 13 arc minutes.
    The only other thing I can add is that the lat and long data was calculated
    from a map because at that time I did not have a GPS.  I think they are
    pretty close but I am aware how sensitive this data can be.  Maybe there is
    some other way of determining the precise coordinates of Terlingua Ranch
    from currently available information? 
    Terlingua Ranch in West Texas:  Lat and long of the location used were 103d
    23m 30s west, 29d 26m north.
    Let me say I really appreciate the offer of help from everyone on the SeeSat
    Paul Downing
    United Kingdom
    >- date of obs, UTC
    >- at what point during the 10 min exposure do the stated image times fall?
    >start, end, middle?
    >- precise coordinates of observing site
    >Not essential, but helpful would be an estimate of the angular 
    >dimensions of the images. Also, are they inverted or mirror images?
    >Ted Molczan
    >Admin, SeeSat-L
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