FW: Satellite Trails

From: Cynthia (cynm31@ev1.net)
Date: Thu Oct 06 2005 - 21:07:08 EDT

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    I tried to post this message with a jpg attached. It appears the mail list
    does not accept that, so if anyone is interested in having a look at the
    images, please let me know at cynm31@ev1.net and I can forward the jpg to
    your personal account.
    My apologies if what I am trying to do is not allowed. Let me know if this
    is against mail list rules.
    Thanks again!
    Cynthia Gustava
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    Subject: FW: Satellite Trails
    I don't know whether anyone can figure this out after such a long period of
    time (almost 2 years), but I was asked to forward this on to anyone who
    might help identify the "trails" in the attached montage of images.
    Coordinates for the galaxy in the image are below in Paul Downing's original
    message...you'll find UT times on the images themselves.
    This may be impossible, but Paul would be interested in any and all input on
    what he captured in his images.
    Cynthia Gustava
    George Observatory
    Houston, Texas
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    Subject: FW: Satellite Trails
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    From: Paul Downing [mailto:paul@mail.paulandliz.org] 
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    To: Cynthia Gustava
    Subject: RE: Satellite Trails
    I am working with Dennis Webb on the Arp book and he has asked a
    question that I can't answer.  When I was imaging Arp 180 back in
    Christmas 2003 I ran into problems with a series of satellite (I assume)
    trails in many of the images.  It wasn't just one instance.  Over a
    period of an hour I ended up with trails in 5 out of 6 images.  We want
    to know what they are.
    Suggestions have been military satellites in formation or communication
    satellites in geostationary orbit, the trails being produced from the
    tracking of the telescope during the exposure.  Do you know anyone who
    might be able to help?
    The images were 10 minutes each, the exact UT of each is noted on the
    attached series of raw images, and the scope was the C-14 working at
    f/7.  We would be very grateful for any help you can give.  Coordinates
    for Arp 180 from NED are 4h 53m 24.3s RA and -4d 47m 37s Dec.
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