flashing satellite

From: Jesse (usabirder@excite.com)
Date: Wed Oct 05 2005 - 21:39:45 EDT

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    I just joined this list because of a strange satellite observation.
      my location is 29.9770° N, 98.2660° W
      I first saw the satellite overhead (alt. 80 az. aprox. 90) at 23:48 UST and it ended at 23:50
      it was flashing brightest aprox. -3/-4 mag. dimmest about 1 mag
      flash duration was around 4 sec from brightest to dimmest and it was continualy flashing getting brighter then dimmer over and over until I could no longer se it.  
      I checked heavens-above but could not find anything.
      any help on the ID will do.  thanks, Jesse Huth.
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