Re: Images of Poppy satellites released

From: Allen Thomson (
Date: Mon Oct 03 2005 - 12:12:03 EDT

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    > They have released images of the poppy satellites, and other stuff.
    Note that one of the 2005 NRO Pioneers Class, , apparently developed the 
    emitter geolocation technique used on POPPY and the subsequent NOSS triads. 
    (Program C was the US Navy component in the traditional NRO structure.  It 
    was mostly run out of the Naval Research Laboratory, where Mr. Eisenhauer is 
    a division superintendent.)
    "Mr. Robert E. Eisenhauer pioneered the techniques that led to precise 
    time-of-arrival signal recovery, and digitization and encryption of data for 
    1960s- through 1980s-era NRO Program C satellite systems. He further 
    developed these systems to achieve high-speed, real-time, on-board 
    integration, synchronization, and processing of SIGINT data from multiple 
    satellites. These techniques completely changed wide-area SIGINT 
    reconnaissance technology and dramatically improved the accuracy and 
    dissemination timeliness of satellite intelligence products through the 
    present day. His career in national reconnaissance spans from 1962 to 
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