Re: [Fwd: Atlas Centaur R 76-073B Oct-1-05]

Date: Mon Oct 03 2005 - 09:03:54 EDT

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    Hello YkChia, (Yk?)
    I am copying seeSat to add another match to the fire you tried to ignite.
    I know very little about details about rocket designs (and indeed spacecraft too)
    The only one I have pondered about, and requested info/ideas/photos of, 
    is the Zenith-2,
    which possibly makes 5, 6, 10 or 12 flashes/rotation (/tumble), to account 
    for the short initial period and rapid increase.
    However, my guess is that there are some external details, conical transitions, or 
    parts of the exhaust end (or top end, for that matter)
    kind regards,
    > Since i get no response from the groups , may  I ask solicit your opinion of my 
    earlier question  : " Obj ID to be 76-073B - Atlas Centaru R. Three maxmima 
    were seen in the 2 second plus flaring. What is cause of such maxima sequences? 
    changing reflecting x-sectional surface areas? or  steps in the rocket body?"
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