Atlas Centaur R 76-073B Oct-1-05

From: ykchia (
Date: Sun Oct 02 2005 - 10:35:37 EDT

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    Hi  folks:
       I left the video system on and go  for a quick bite  the 
    neighbourhood. On my return a short streak ( very much like a slow 
    meteor ) was found in
    one of the incident still jpg. Avi  playback revealed the work of a 
    flaring satellite.   Obj ID  to be 76-073B - Atlas Centaru R.  Three 
    maxmima were seen in the 2 second plus flaring.  What is cause of such 
    maxima sequences? changing reflecting x-sectional surface areas? or 
    steps in the rocket body?
       Image and full -screen ( all my wmv are encoded full-screen mode)  
    1.4Mb wmv video file available. 
   reflesh your browser to see the 
    latest top image.
    p/s  some how  I have more accidental  flashing/flaring satellites  than 
    the sats  i set out to hunt for.. Tips too dim for me tonigh and USA 81 
    was not flaring
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