Re: Two object in formation

From: Anthony Mallama via Seesat-l <>
Date: Thu, 20 May 2021 19:08:13 -0400
Hi Cristian and Cees,

This is interesting because I made a similar observation last night. I
think these satellites were Starlink 2201 and 2204. They are among a small
group of Starlink satellites in polar orbits. Heavens-Above shows them
passing through the tail of the Big Dipper from your location near Rome as
you described. The time according to H-A is a little bit different but the
predictions are not very good as the orbits are changing rapidly. Yesterday
the mean altitudes were listed as 560 and 558 km while today they are both
given as 554.

My observation of Starlinks 2201 and 2204 was planned in advance. They were
late relative to the H-A predictions. I also found them to be a little
fainter than the Dipper stars. Most Starlink satellites are much dimmer
than that.

Brightness estimates for Starlink satellites at their operational altitude
accurate to about 0.2 magnitude or better are being sought. This email
thread provides information about determining satellite magnitudes:

Best regards,
Tony Mallama
38.98, -76.76
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