*Possible* Watec 910 artifact - Is this a satellite??

From: Derek C Breit via Seesat-l <seesat-l_at_satobs.org>
Date: Sat, 19 May 2018 12:50:35 -0700
From my usual spot in Morgan Hill, CA last night - May 19th UT - I was doing lunar occultations and I was centering my next target,
I had what I assumed was a satellite cross the face of the Moon.. "Nice!".. I didn't think anything about it, except to think I
would extract it and see if it was a Classified object that is tracked by Unpaid Satellite Trackers.. (No idea WHAT satellite, but I
am fairly sure it is one.. )


When I extracted it, it is a VERY weird path and fast, so I think "Insect".. 


Closer inspection seems to show it starts off "straight", does it's weird motion, then moves "straight" again.. I moved the scope in
one direction only, but it caused a weird fluttering, that I think *may* show us - ok maybe just me - something about the Watec 910,
the microlensed array. It fits right in with my "sawtooth lightcurve" for the Patientia occultation. This satellite video was caused
by purposefully moving the telescope, Patientia must have been from the star moving around because of less than ideal seeing.. 


It reminds me of the Ugly Stars from an PC164EX2 and how an EX2 is better on a well tracked mount.. 


Either way, it is a useful video.. Shows how my refracter and the 910 does on a lunar occultation, has a satellite pass thru, and
shows the effects of motion, all in one.. Of note is what I mentioned in my last email.. The star I center on is mag 10.3. A simple
frame step get's me the timing and the residual is 0.01.. That's well over a magnitude better than I could do with the 12", where I
stopped trying anything dimmer than 9.. (My dimmest of the six events last night, and also framestepped, was mag 11.2.. residual of
-0.02.. AWESOME!


Anywho.. The video is around 70MB of AVI, since on my laptop, it loops nicely..


It's on my Gallery Page.. Right Side under "Other"..


or directly..



Note that all settings are "normal", so whatever the effect is, should also be "normal".. 



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