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Date: Sat May 14 2011 - 22:11:09 UTC

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    Actually I fought that battle with Lockheed, McDonnell Douglas and General
    Dynamics over the use of images and names of F/A-18s, F-16s, Apache
    helicopters in many of my games ("F-18 Interceptor", "F-16 Combat Pilot",
    "Longbow" and "F/A-18 Simulator").  The court felt (as I did) that since the
    taxpayers funded these programs, that the companies could not enforce their
    trademarks if I was not selling aircraft (or attack submarines).  Copyright
    law and Trademark law differ though.
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    Paul Grace wrote:
    > Yes Björn, you can use any image you find on any website for any personal
    > purpose.  Republishing it, or the results you get, may not be okay.
    I agree, based on my growing understanding of copyright law.
    The questions I raise are in the case of someone wanting to
    present that image here, even as a link.
    It may be as simple as Person A asking Person B permission to take
    one of B's images, do further work on it, post it on A's website,
    and post a link to that work here. Permission must be sought whether
    SeeSat is involved or not.
    However, what if B denies this permission? Then Person A would
    never be able to post their version of the image as evidence in
    support of their point of view. Perhaps A could make the argument
    just fine without it. Perhaps not. And if Person A posts the image
    anyway? Well then Person B could have grounds for legal action,
    especially if they feel the image represents them in a bad light.
    Would it happen? I don't know. I don't think anyone can say for sure.
    I'm simply trying to point out there are concerns in this regard
    that no matter what SeeSat's involvement with the images, those
    making them and using them MUST deal with regardless, just as I
    am learning I must deal with them as I try to become more professional
    in my photographic and illustrative work. For example, did you know
    that I may have to get permission from McDonnell Douglas, Boeing,
    and Northrop before I try to sell a picture of an F/A-18 Hornet I
    might take? It depends on the use and context whether I have to or
    If the images are going to be presented to the SeeSat community,
    in whatever way, then it needs to be made clear what the rights
    are to others as to what they can do with those images, and the
    author needs to know what their rights are as the originator of
    the work, and whether they want to relinquish any of those rights
    or not. This is because the laws of the various countries in which
    we all live assert or grant certain rights to each party.
    But if the images are going to be an 'official' part of SeeSat,
    much in the same way the observation reports are now, then it
    does become a concern for SeeSat. This makes me ask, if the
    images are not an official part of SeeSat, then why be concerned
    over the reporting format? I think Ted wants images as part of
    SeeSat (please correct me if I'm wrong), and he feels it is
    important that we discuss and decide how best to implement that.
    He may have been more concerned with the technical side of the
    report. I'm simply pointing out there are other concerns as well.
    I feel at this point I'd like to ask if Ted feels copyright either
    is/could be/or is not a concern for images and the SeeSat list.
    If not, then I apologize for dragging this subject on and will
    gladly drop it.
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