RE: SATOBS ML (4353), 4 May 2011 (Pt. I): 4th May obs of 3 May UNID II

From: Ted Molczan (
Date: Mon May 09 2011 - 04:16:53 UTC

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    Kevin wrote:
    >> Ted wrote
    >> The orbit is close in inclination and plane to that of India's GSat 2 (03018A / 27807).
    >> According to the latest TLE on Space Track (epoch 11122.898), it was synchronous at
    >> 48 E, so perhaps it is being moved. 
    > According to the latest data, it's still at its orbital slot.
    I have been watching that. The frequency of updates had averaged one per day, but there have been only two over the past
    6 days, one of which seemed delayed. That leads me to question whether the object actually is there. It would be worth
    checking 03018A and 11623A, next time anyone observes.
    Ted Molczan
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