RE: Atlas 109D re-entry seen and debris found in Brazil and South Africa

From: Ted Molczan <>
Date: Wed, 19 Mar 2014 00:47:46 -0400
Section 2F and Appendix J of the following document report on the re-entry and fragments found in South Africa:

Appendix J consists of the preliminary report on the debris by General Dynamics, called "Investigation Of Recovered
Fragments From Atlas 109-D Booster", published in August 1962 as AFSWC-TDR-62-78. It is similar to the one dated July 1,
1962, that has the same author and title, numbered AE 62-0558.

The included debris photo reproductions are not the greatest, but Figs. J-26 and J-27 (pdf pages 242-243) provide views
of the titanium pressure sphere that are not too terrible. It appears to be the oldest of the many that have survived
re-entry, been recovered, and correlated with a launch.

Ted Molczan

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