Objects from 2016-040 launch.

From: Alain Figer via Seesat-l <seesat-l_at_satobs.org>
Date: Sat, 25 Jun 2016 12:52:21 +0200
Hi all,

. On 22 Jun 2016 20h51-52m UT, I photographed the pass of 2016-040-A and B
in HYA, LIB, VIR, before culmination, using a Canon EOS 6D + 28mm wide
angle (field 70°x47°). Both satellites were in time according to the Calsky
ephemeris and formed a nice triplet including 2007-001-B (Cartosat 2).
As expected 2016-040-B was 12 seconds ahead of 040-A.
Both satellites were also observed in VIR as mag 6.5 objects using
binoculars 50x10.
They were in their ninth revolution ; according to Calsky: "Earth
revolutions since launch: 8.6."

. On 23 Jun 2016 20h33-35m UT, I watched the pass of the 2016-040 objects
near Mu SER, using a Canon EOS 6D + 200mm teleobjective (field 11° x 7°) .
f/2.8 ; 3.2 seconds 2500 ISO.
According to Calsky ephemeris, I detected objects in the following order :
40C, 40F, 40E, 40B, 1975-004-AN , 40A. I missed 40H and 40G, being probably
too faint.

40A and 40 B were brighter objects, of mag 5, together with debris
1975-004-AN mag 6. All 3 of them were easily spotted with binoculars 50x10.
40C, 40E and 40F were much fainter objects, possibly of mag 7.5 or 8. They
escaped detection with binoculars in the twilight.

Alain Figer

Southern Alps : 44.573 N ; 6.682 E ; 1850 m a.s.l.
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