RE: New 22273 elset

From: Brian Cook (
Date: Sun Jun 27 2004 - 00:06:38 EDT

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    I believe I may have observed this event.
    Unfortunately I am quite new to this and caught it quite by chance as I
    stepped outside. I was around 22:50 or 55 EDT / 02:50UT.
    I caught a group of 3-4 meteor like objects at 260 degrees by 30 elevation.
    They were getting quite bright by the time they went behind a tree and when
    they reappeared at 180 degrees by 20 elevation it was a long and bright
    trail of multiple objects.
    I was in a poor position to see much of it due to trees and in my lack of
    experience have no doubt left out some important info but would be happy to
    offer any further info if I am able.
    My coordinates are:  43.6485 N, 79.5818 W  - N43.38.910000, W79.34.908000
    Elevation:  141 meters (464 feet)
    Brian Cook
    Toronto (Etobicoke) Ontario Canada
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    Reporting a non-observe.
    > I have a pass (for me at 0252) will be near zenith for me, predicted at
    > 89.8 degrees in elevation.
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