possible decay

From: Scottdalton4@aol.com
Date: Sat Jun 26 2004 - 23:59:00 EDT

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    I may have just seen my first satellite re-entry or it was the most incredible
    fireball I could imagine. I saw, at first, 3 objects burning very bright and
    leaving long smoke trails behind them. They started in the NW and were heading
    East. When I first saw them they were about 20 degrees above the horizon. The
    objects broke up into many smaller pieces, approximately a dozen, each with its
    own tail. I watched the pieces until they burned out very close to Deneb. They
    burned for about a 60 degree span.
         This took place at 10:54 local time(02:54 UTC). My location is 39.6731N
    75.7239W. At first I thought it may be a Bootid meteor but it was nowhere near
    the radiant. If anyone could help identify this I would be grateful.
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