Re: ISS TLE during transit of Venus

From: Thomas Fly (
Date: Wed Jun 16 2004 - 12:51:04 EDT

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    John Locker wrote:
    > The easiest way to check this is go to Calsky , put in N 48 15 49 E 17 01 49
    and select June 8 ( ISS )
    It's not actually clear what TLE CalSKY would use for an event "after the fact".
    Almost certainly, it would differ to some degree from what Tomás had access to,
    before packing his scope & other goodies into the car and taking off in the
    direction of Stupava- and of course, he may not have located precisely at
    CalSKY's prediction.
    Given the small errors involved, I believe the thing to do is to see what
    elevation above MSL CalSKY is using at the likely observation point, then crunch
    the usual TLE suspects thru SkyMap, etc.  (SkyMap would likely use the value as
    if it represented elevation above the WGS84 ellipsoid, which in this case is
    about 44 meters below MSL- versus about 33 meters above MSL in the U.S.- so I'd
    think that one should add 44 meters to MSL before using it as the elevation.)
    (The long-overdue check's in the mail Rob ;-) hope I used the right address.)
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    From: Tomas Maruska
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    Subject: Re: ISS TLE during transit of Venus
    Hello Thomas.
    I measured position of observing site from hiking map (scale 1:25 000, WGS-84).
    latitude 48°15'29" N and longitude 17°01'39" E (48.2581° N, 17.0275° E)
    Best regards,
    Tomas Maruska
    Bratislava, Slovakia
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