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Date: Sat Jun 05 2004 - 06:28:17 EDT

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    Adam Vellender wrote:
    > What is the maximum angle of elevation from the ground
    > (I think I probably mean altitude - sorry - I'm still
    > getting to grips with the terminology!) at which an
    "Elevation" is fine.  Altitude is usually height of sat above earth.
    > Iridium Flare can be seen? As far as I can remember,
    > I've never seen one with an altitude greater than
    > about 45 degrees. Presumably the geometry of the
    > reflections off the satellite's panels limit this.
    I haven't paid much attention to that, but in just the next few days I have
    a couple at 67°.
    > Would this be different for a tumbling Iridium sat?
    I don't think so.
    > Also, at what kind of magnitude did the space shuttle
    > appear when it was in operation? I only discovered
    > satellite observing after the Columbia tragedy,
    > unfortunately, so never saw it. And how bright do
    > Progress crafts appear when undocked?
    mag 2
    > And finally, I was wondering what is generally
    > considered to be the best free software for satellite
    > observing. At the moment, I'm using Orbitron, which
    > seems nice and user-friendly, along with Iridflar
    > which is great. I was just wondering really whether
    > there was any other software that I would benefit from
    > having.
    > Adam Vellender
    QUICKSAT and Sky Map are the best.
    Jay Respler
      Satellite Tracker  *  Typewriter Collector
                 Freehold, New Jersey
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