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Date: Sat Jun 29 2002 - 04:42:20 EDT

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    I am receiving e-mails from persons who are unable to
    find the KPRC TV2 Houston video on Spy Satellites.
    It is no longer listed on the channel 2 first page.
    It has been moved to the archives. The link is so long
    that if I put it in an e-mail and sent it to SeeSat-L,
    it would be two lines long. The second line would not be
    part of the clickable link. Clicking on just the first
    line of the link would not work.
    For those of you who have not seen the video or would
    like to look at it again, I have put the link on my
    homepage. It is the first clickable line and says
    KPRC TV2.
    One of the SeeSat-L members has questioned whether
    this TV coverage is on subject. Of course it is!
    If the OIG website is knocked off line in September
    it will certainly affect SeeSat-L and satellite viewing.
    The Press is looking for a hot story. This could get
    to be as big a story as the Chinese-American, Wen Ho Lee,
    Los Alamos Atomic Secrets, story. The FBI is being a
    lot more careful this time. By their gross mistreatment of
    Mr. Lee they have made him a wealthy man. He took them
    to court and won a lot of money.
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