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Date: Fri Jun 28 2002 - 23:17:52 EDT

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    Anthony wrote:
    > We are coming up again to the magic week in October when many 
    > satellites will gain magnitude ... do you have any specific 
    > date(s) for this year's opportunity?
    That's "flaring geosynch" or "flaring geosat" season and applies
    to many operational geostationary satellites, when quite a few
    of them can be seen with 10x50 binoculars and a few without 
    magnification.  The best dates to look vary by latitude.  The 
    prime time for latitude 30 north is the first week of October, 
    but actually last year I began to see some of them quite a bit 
    before that.  This message from last September includes the 
    September equinox season "calendar" originally posted by Rainer 
    Kresken in 1999:
    The link there to Jason Hatton's site doesn't work.  The new 
    location of his section about flaring operational geosynchs is:
    In March Mike McCants spotted (and I got to see also!) about 60 
    geosats in one long session; most of them were flaring brighter 
    than usual, which made them easier to find:

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