TV Coverage

Date: Sun Jun 23 2002 - 19:30:30 EDT

The following information was forwarded to me
by Leland A. Dolan, Historian of The Houston
Astronomical Society (HAS). The original e-mail
was sent to members of the HAS by Steve Goldberg,
president HAS.

This Tuesday, 25th, 10PM Nightbeat, there will be
a story by Stephen Dean of Channel 2 (Houston) on
spy satellites. He has been gathering information
about 2-line elements and who uses these elements
to make predictions. He made a trip to Austin to
visit Mike McCants, a satellite watcher expert.

When: Channel 2 KPRC, Tue 25th, 10pm Nightbeat.
He is pretty sure that is a firm date, but world
events may change it.

Note from Con: Ed Cannon was present for the interview,
and it's possible he might be included in the footage.

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