Re: Double flash from Iridium 65 (solar array flare)

From: Kevin Fetter (
Date: Tue Jun 18 2002 - 09:35:32 EDT

Iridflar last I time I checkedm will only generate flare predictions for 
iridium satellites that have not failed. Just remember its just a 
prediction, sometimes it will be brighter and other times fainter. I had a 
predicted bright flare for a iridium satelite which I can't remember which 
one. It did get bright, not as bright as predicted.

And instead of the satellite being not visible, then rapidly increasing in 
brightness for the flare, then rapidly decreasing in brightness after the 
flare, this satellite got slowly brighter reached maxium brightness and 
slowly decreased in brightness. I would care to guess that it's orientation 
was slightly off. But it was great to watch.

I would like to watch for lunar iridium flares, and solar panel flares, but 
its been very cloudy for a long time. Tonight It looks like it will be clear 


Does IRIDFLAR give an indication of the "certainty" of a particular
prediction or do one need to remember which are the non-performer

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