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From: Jean-Luc L. J. DIGHAYE (
Date: Mon Jun 17 2002 - 14:39:43 EDT

Hi Linda & SeeSat friends!

Re binos, I agree with Steve's opinion. Further comments:
- If you are tall and young, your eye pupils will usually reach 7 mm. Binos
like 7x50 or 8x56 are fine;
- Otherwise, there is a risk that your pupils are smaller, say 5 mm. 7x35
binos would suffice. If your hands are steady and/or you use a support,
10x50 can be better;
- However, if you wear glasses and you want to switch from bino to naked
eye viewing, use binos with long eye relief. Most binos with 7 mm exit
pupil have a longer eye relief than those with 5 mm pupil. So, in this case
choose again the 7x50 rather than the 7x35 or 10x50.

For those with a bad eye: use a monocular!
Try to find one, perhaps second-hand, by typing "monocular 7x35" or
"monocular 7x50" in a search engine.
Now an unorthodox tip: I use a 7x45 military monocular with *both eyes*
open. If your brain is not confused, you can track faint sats with the mono
and see them appear with the unaided eye if they become brighter. My
favourite sats for that are the tumbling Iridium's.


> Hi list mates,
> I am planning on buying binoculars to help me view the satellites, etc.
> I would appreciate suggestions on power, objective lens size, etc.  I
> need any suggestions that would help me make a wise and useful choice.
> Thanks in advance for your help.
> Thanks,
> Linda Ramsey (KY)

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