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I don't want to carry this 3D image thread too far for this group---I'm
afraid I might be wearing out my welcome :~)---but I do want to say that,
like John, I have "bookmarked" Internet sites that have stereo pairs
(deliberate and coincidental) which are related to astronomy and even
satellites in some cases. I will gladly share those with anyone that
contacts me personally. In fact, those that have shown interest in this
topic so far may be getting a list anyway when I have time to get it
together. :~)  [E.g., want to see the planet Saturn looking as though it is
a small model a couple feet away? The pair of Saturn images was not intended
for the stereo effect but I couldn't resist checking it out and WOW!]

The stereo effect involving things that are not able to be seen that way
otherwise is truly a fascinating experience for every person that has seen
it. As discussed in previous posts, taking advantage of our eye-brain system
in this special way is a VERY quick, useful, and I might add,
under-appreciated tool for detecting even the slightest displacements and
other differences between two images. What is more, it's free! Built right
in. The only unwanted after effect may be some momentary dizziness or maybe
a headache if you get too involved!

Clear skies,


P.S. [my excuse] I am a high school science teacher/former industrial
photographer that has been an advocate of stereo photography [32 years now],
especially the type using the "Lilliputian effect" for vacation pictures.
You must see it to believe it! It's the greatest "coffee table
entertainment" there is.


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> On the subject of 3D images, take a look here
for a 3D stereo pair of ISS.There is also a red/blue filter image  at

> Regards,
> John

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