Re: our first images of the ASTRA satellite cluster

From: Tom Wagner (
Date: Sun Jun 16 2002 - 16:24:46 EDT

Ed said,

>If two observers a couple of thousand kilometres apart (ideally more or
less east-west) took simultaneous images of the same bunch of geosynch
it would be possible to make a real stereo image.

I once posted a message about something similar. I think it would be
relatively easy to have two people only a few miles apart photographing the
path of a relatively low orbit object (like the ISS) as it moved by,
especially in a direction that is getting obviously farther away. The images
would show the satellite's track as a streak displaced laterally against a
background of stars that would also be short streaks. If the people are
displaced properly, when the images are viewed simultaneously a person
should be able to see the track of the ISS getting farther away.

A person could even make the pair of images as an anaglyph (red/green) and
post it on the Web so that even those w/o the ability to look two places at
once could see the 3D effect as long as they could get a hold of some
red/green glasses somewhere.

Just a thought.  :~)


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