ISS & Endeavor

From: Linda (
Date: Sat Jun 15 2002 - 00:08:57 EDT

Hi list mates,
My husband and I saw the ISS/Endeavor pass over KY!!!  Wow, it was
        21:17:45    alt. about 10o      about 307o (WNW)        mag.
about 3
        21:19:10    alt. about 69o      about 220o (SW)             mag
about 0
        21:21:45    alt. about 20o     about 140o (SSE)            mag
about 4
 The mag started out not real bright, but increased in brightness until
it faded at approximately 21:21:50.  The max mag was
really bright.  I would say that it was not as bright as Venus, but much
brighter than Jupiter.  I would estimate it to have been
about a -3 max mag.  We did drive to a darker location to view this
sight.  I also told informed a friend about the ISS going
overhead.  He, his daughter, and a neighbor also saw the event.

Let me know if I need to state my observations differently.  I am open
to all help and suggestions.  Thanks to all who have
written me privately and offered suggestions.

Have Great Viewing,

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