RE: When the Shuttle and the ISS meet

From: Matson, Robert (
Date: Fri Jun 14 2002 - 02:16:47 EDT

Hi All,

At the risk of upsetting Tom Wagner ;-) I saw a beautiful
and colorful pass of ISS/Shuttle at ~21:45 PDT this evening
from southern California.  The pair started off orange, low
in the NW and gradually transitioned to white by the time
they reached the zenith.  (Culmination was within 5 degrees
of zenith!)  Shadow entry began soon after zenith, with
obvious reddening as the station entered the penumbra and
dimmed.  I'm glad I was watching in binoculars at this point
because a dim satellite lumbered by crossing right over
eta-Bootes mere seconds ahead of ISS and thus just missing
it (in perspective anyway).  The second satellite was moving
much slower in its higher orbit, shining at only about 5th
magnitude.  A 5-second SkyMap run later revealed its identity:
Meteor 2-13 (#16408).  They were separated by a good 570 km
in altitude.

The reason I was watching ISS in binocs was to see if I could
continue to follow it after shadow entry by self-illumination.
Indeed I could!  It was only about 7th magnitude, but I was
able to follow it for a good minute beyond complete umbra

On a final note, I want to reiterate earlier condolences
offered to our list administrator, Bart.  For those that
have never met Bart, he's a terrific guy and is to be
commended for keeping this List alive and well for oh-so-many
years now.  My heart goes out to you at this difficult time.

My sympathies,

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