[ADMIN] SeeSat-L back up?

From: Bart De Pontieu (bdp@zorak.lmsal.com)
Date: Thu Jun 13 2002 - 10:51:11 EDT

Hi All,

Hopefully this message will go out and make it to the list.

SeeSat-L has been down since last Friday. The commercial provider
(nomonthlyfees.com), without any warning to me, wiped out our current
set-up for the mailing lists and "upgraded" to a new machine and software
last week. They have been very unhelpful and refused to recreate our
mailing lists. I did not have access to our subscriber lists until
yesterday since the provider had deleted them.

This interruption of SeeSat-L came at the worst possible time. I have been
in Belgium the past 2 weeks as my father unexpectedly passed away two
weeks ago. My access to the Internet is very slow and sporadic, and I
won't make it back to the US until next week some time (hopefully).

For now, I have re-instated our lists on blackadder.lmsal.com
You can still use the satobs.org and lists.satellite.eu.org addresses
though (for now). I have not been able to reinstate the web-archiving, and
won't be able to until when I get back home.

In the next few weeks there will be some major changes with respect to
SeeSat-L, which had been planned since April anyway, but which will now be
accelerated. More in the next few weeks.

Bart De Pontieu --  bdp@lmsal.com  -- http://blackadder.lmsal.com/~bdp/
(650) 424-3094  --  Lockheed Martin Solar & Astrophysics Lab, Palo Alto
bart@satellite.eu.org -- 3251 Hanover St., O/L9-41, Bldg. 252, CA 94304

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